Guest Lecture: Innovative Materials & Circular Economy

By Alice Beyer Schuch – June 2019

Guest Lecture:

Innovative Materials & Circular Economy

Cirkla Modo was invited for a guest lecture on Innovative Materials & Circular Economy for the Master’s Sustainability in Fashion and Creative Industries at AMD Akademie für Mode & Design, in Berlin, Germany.

The topic was developed as a workshop, initially presenting to students the conventional materials and theirs issues. Further, it was discussed innovations comprehending the recycling and biodegradability possibilities; agricultural waste fibres; bio-engineering alternatives; and even some eccentric experiments which may become reality one day…

Tools to support design decision were presented and guidelines developed together:

  • Say no to conventional pollutant materials
  • Ask if an already-made material can be reused
  • Adopt recycled options to avoid primary extraction
  • Prioritize organics and regenerative options
  • Search for lower impact substitute materials
  • Check better options and processes
  • Avoid mixing natural & synthetics

The concept and principles of the Circular Economy were highlighted and connected to the before discussed textile alternatives. As outcome: a “Circular Material Passport”, inspired by EPEA, was developed and presented by the students. They analysed different alternatives in regards to:

  • Design phase: raw materials and suppliers
  • Manufacturing phase: product and processes
  • Use phase: users, owners, and maintenance
  • Collecting phase: reverse logistics, deconstruction, disassemble
  • Next phase: remanufacturing, new cycles

The “Circular Material Passport” was inserted in the context of a business/product idea as per demonstrating the better circular scenario in which innovative textiles could be applied.

Looking much forward to the next classes!


Interested in knowing more?

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