Worth Partnership Project

by Alice Beyer Schuch – April 2020

The WORTH Partnership Project is funded by COSME Programme of the European Union for the Competitiveness of SMEs, with implementation on the hands of a Consortium led by the Textile Technology Institute AITEX (with KEPA, IED, DAG Communication and AA Franzosi).

Cirkla Modo’s founder Alice Beyer Schuch is a proud Steering Board Member of the program offering expert input in the field of fashion and circular economy, together with renowned experts active in the lifestyle industry.

During 3 years of running opening calls the program received applications from almost 1000 partners, funding in total 150 partnerships, with more than 340 partners involved from 34 countries. Project areas comprehended:

  • Fashion & Textile
  • Furniture & Home decoration
  • Accessories
  • Footwear
  • Jewelry
  • Leather & Fur

The WORTH Weekend – 3rd call final evaluation process and presentations – took place in Valencia, Spain, during March 2020. With a program of inspiring lectures and workshops, the event was approaching challenges around:

  • circular economy and resource efficiency;
  • smart and high-performance materials;
  • reinvention of craftsmanship and European heritage preservation;
  • rethinking social innovation and inclusion;
  • high-value added solutions for attractive growth markets; and
  • advanced digitized manufacturing;
Lecture by Alice Beyer Schuch / Cirkla Modo during the WORTH Weekend.

Cirka Modo is glad to see the increasing interest on circular fashion, as 50% of the 3rd call successful projects were related to Fashion & Textile, and almost 30% of them connected to the circular economy! Also was a great honour to support the dissemination of the concept via the lecture “The power of Recirculation – and the role of the designer as well as the participation on the round table talking about the future of the fashion and lifestyle industry.

Looking much forward to follow and collaborate to the development of such interesting creative minds during the Mentoring phase! More about information & training from Cirkla Modo here!

Success to all of us!


If you are a professional, visit Cirkla Modo or get in contact to exchange on how circular fashion can be applied to your project.

If you are a STUDENT interested in circularity and fashion, check Cirkla Modo’s special offers for you!





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