Budapest – 4th Global Sustainable Fashion Week

By Alice Beyer Schuch – April 2019

During the second week of April 2019, Budapest held its 4th Sustainable Fashion Week, led by the National Fashion League Hungary Association. Many professionals from different areas – producers, retailers, designers, activists, book authors, education and cultural institutions, consultants and government representatives – presented their perspectives and actions toward a better future for the fashion industry, enabling a healthy exchange of possibilities. This way, the event was an interesting mix of regional culture and designer’s exposition with global discussions on transparency, social responsibilities as well as circularity in fashion as a relevant tool to be explored.

“The Design for Multifunctionality can minimize the need to consume without minimizing our ways of expression”, said well-known researcher and author Sass Brown, mentioning a circular design strategy and its benefits.

Cirkla Modo, in behalf of the Circular Economy Club*, was also exchanging in this area as a guest at the “Circular Fashion, Zero Waste & Environmental Impacts” panel discussion, moderated by Edwina Huang from Vivify Textiles. Alice shared the table with internacional voices from Spain with the participation of the designer Sylvia Calvo, from UK with Carry Somers, founder of Fashion Revolution, and the “Trashion Forward” book writer Kenny Jackson-Forrest, as well as the designer Fawad Noori from Pakistan.

IMG-20190411-WA0009 pb

To work on transparency and a fair decent social environment, to design out toxins and all polluting activities, and to creatively reconsider discarded materials in the design process were some of the necessary actions stated from the professionals. For Benjamin Itter from Lebenkleidung valuing the soul behind the process rather than the machine is also extremely relevant. “More than considering local sources, we shall pay attention on ‘who is earning’ upon our decisions”, he said. And even if the prediction for a complete sustainable system seems to be far away, 2140 as per Vittorio Giomo , with only 1% being textile-2-textile recycled it could go even beyond that. Nevertheless, we all have agreed upon sustainability being exponentially increasing in reach and relevance with the support of social media and digital technologies.

# Hashtags as a powerful activist statement. Be part of this movement. Ask #whomademyclothes ?


Circular Economy Club (CEC) is a global network with more than 3000 advocates in over 100 countries. Besides connecting relevant stakeholders in the area, the platform also presents publications, educational content, events, funding, jobs and expert guidance all around circularity.

Alice Beyer Schuch is a circular fashion strategist at Cirkla Modo, working with businesses and educational institutions to support the transition towards a circular future. She is also a mentor at CEC and Hamburg representative. Get in contact.


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