C.O.D.S.S. – Circular on demand social smart clothing

By Alice Beyer Schuch & Pedro Ruffier – July/2019

The MIT SOLVE® program, by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, has the mission to solve world challenges through partnership and open innovation! In this 2019 edition, the main question is:

“How can people create and consume goods

[we rather would say, use goods]

that are renewable, repairable, reusable, and recyclable?”

Cirkla Modo and the lead partner Movin, a sustainable urban fashion brand from Brazil, have registered a project in the Circular Economy field. In this partnership, Cirkla Modo is giving inputs on circular materials and design strategies for the presented solution:

C.O.D.S.S. – Circular on demand social smart clothing!

Imagine a future where you can collaborate with the brand to co-create the garments you want to use… And, based on pre-orders, it produces only what is demanded! All items come with IoT technology to get information on product traceability, facilitate repair, swap, upcycling, footprint post-purchase compensation and many more services which help you improve your sustainable metrics. With circular design strategy in place, you can connect to local partners for the correct recycling afterwards. All in one simple application that reads your product.

Community platform by Movin

The solution tackles:

  • Emotional Design, via design collaborations
  • Effective use of resources and elimination of overstock due to on demand production
  • Transparency via IoT
  • Education showing the manufacturing and footprint of an item
  • The life cycle extension of garments via offered services
  • Waste and landfill due to recycling possibilities
  • Circular Economy principles, making better use of sustainable resources, promoting their circulation and offering an end-of-use connection.

The CODSS project is part of a bigger one, Weloop, which is coming soon, opening the circular opportunity to many people in Brazil!

Movin is also part of the Brazilian Hub by Cirkla Modo, a platform promoting the sustainable Brazilian fashion in the European Market. If you are a retailer/showroom interested in Brazilian products, we would love to support you! Get in contact!



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