Are you a Student?

by Alice Beyer Schuch – Cover pic: Pixabay


You can now BOOK A TALK with a #cirularfashion expert!

Cirkla Modo understands that the future of fashion is in the hands of the new generation of professionals!!

That is why we dedicate part of our time to attend students in their search for deeper information and clarification of doubts about fashion sustainability, design & circularity.

You can check Cirkla Modo’s special STUDENT page for alternatives that fit your needs…
Including some free slots!!! 🙂

To know when there are new monthly free slots, follow the updates at LinkedIn and Instagram !

If you are a young professional/researcher, please contact us directly, so we can start a conversation about your needs/project!


Free slots

March 2020: Sheraz A. – University of Lübeck

April 2020: Cécile M. – AMD Berlin  & Sahar F. – University of Stuttgart

May 2020: Stylianee P. – AMD Berlin & Gabriela S. – AMD Berlin

June 2020: Laura L. – AMD Berlin & Bhavana S. – AMD Berlin

July: FOLLOW THE UPDATES at LinkedIn and Instagram !


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