Impact #MadeInBrazil

Impact made in Brazil! *written by Alice Beyer Schuch – September 2019


Impact is the just-launched area at WHO’S NEXT Paris, with focus on sustainability. And, for my surprise, 12 exhibitors out of 70+ had connections to Brazil! Yes! For a Brazilian working in Europe for the sustainable fashion – founder of the circular fashion consultancy Cirkla Modo, based in Germany – it was a motivating information!

It was great to see so many different approaches, all talking the same language: A POSITIVE ONE!

So, you can check who I found there:

NCC – Natural Cotton Color

From the seeds of the organic naturally coloured cotton, trough the family farmers, fabric production, up to artisans and the final clothes, all are from Northeast Brazil! More than 50 shades of nature, internationally recognized, with one common point: the natural colour of cotton!

1. organic naturally coloured cotton
Natural Cotton Color, fibers and yarns

Minha Maison de Joias

Handmade jewellery which translates arts and crafts into special products. The last design presented handmade deliciated lace in naturally coloured cotton and metal wire! Just luxurious!

Antique e Chique

A comfortable clothes brand, with a special attention to social and environmental activities. The selection of natural materials, such as organic naturally coloured cotton, is part of its offers!

Juliana Gevaerd

A timeless ladieswear brand, working beautifully with knitting products in comfortable but very elegant lines, many of them done in mechanical machines, with natural materials!

Flavia Aranha

The Brazilian brand is a recognized international name, presenting sophisticated and natural female collections with a special characteristic: natural dyes and botanical prints in a very classic way.

Flavia Aranha
by @flaviaaranha_


The founder of the brand, which presented loungewear in natural dyes and coloured cotton, is a Brazilian living in Paris. An interesting mix of Brazilian fabrics and the colour of French plants!

Augusta Eco Couture

Augusta’s designer is an international person with Brazilian roots, who develops classic timeless fashion, with a special eye to certified material and impeccable seam finishes.

Florita Beachwear

Brazilian beachwear, based in London, working closely with mixed communities around Rio de Janeiro to manufacture its products in an honest, unpretentious and heartfelt fashion.


An Argentinian based in Brazil, designing eye-catching shoes, elegantly developed in collaboration with local and international artists. All made with organic cotton and rescued materials! It is worth taking a look!

Alice and Dotz’ founder at IMPACT x WSN

Scarf Shoes

A shoes brand working beautifully with colourful scarfs. And not only, the scarfs can be changed accordingly, allowing the client to have one pair and many possibilities!

Care Studios

A Brazilian designer based in France who presented an upcycled design at Impact, with Brazilian “fuxicos”, a well-known artisanal technique using small textile pieces. Hands-on, baby!

Fuxicos from Care Studios at IMPACT x WSN

Chaussetes Orphelines

A #madeinfrance brand with a pioneer Brazilian founder, who designed new ways of using old socks, transforming them into trendy new knitting items! A circular concept being developed for around a decade!

I hope, I didn’t miss other Brazilians and Brazil-connected brands at Impact, Paris 2019!

If you want to know more about the Brazilian sustainable fashion and its brands, please write me! 


Alice is a circular fashion consultant based in Europe/Germany. She also works closely to many sustainable Brazilian brands and supports them in the international market, being the focal point of communication in the EU.



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