Film: The Future of Fashion

*by Alice Beyer Schuch – May 2018.

After a long period of dedication, we are glad to announce that the German film “The Future of Fashion” is now online (in German)!

This project from the HOOU Hamburg Open Online University was coordinated by Elina Artis and with which Cirkla Modo collaborated on Sustainable & Circular Fashion topics, research and moderation.

Presenting different perspectives, the 38’min documentary talks about relevant themes around the global and German fashion industry, such as:

  • Society and values
  • Shopping desires and trends
  • Mass consumption and its impacts
  • Production structure and social and environmental issues
  • The power of awareness
  • The status quo and role of sustainability
  • Technology
  • Future envisions

We would like to thank all the support offered for the development of this material – from businesses representatives, certification bodies, educational and cultural institutions, NGO, from medias, politics and civil society.

Feel free to share it!

And do not hesitate in getting in contacting in case of further questions!


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