Circular Economy Mapping Event in Hamburg

19 April 2018 – 17h to 20h

HAW – Department of Design | Armgartstraße 24 | 22087 Hamburg

The Circular Economy Mapping Event in city of Hamburg is part of a global action idealized by CEC Circular Economy Club with the collaboration of Circle Economy – which happens in around 70 participant cities around the world. The aim is to map great examples, discover synergies and promote connections.

In Hamburg, the event is organized in the name of CEC by Cirkla Modo with the great support of Grüner Hering and the participation of  TexAid, Tchibo and HAW Department of Design.

During the event, beside appreciating two presentations on circular practices, the participants will also work in teams to identify current Circular Economy activities, present their offers and demands, and investigate possible future collaborations to continue to encourage, inspire and bring the city to the circular spotlight!


Brief introduction to the Circular Economy Club by Alice Beyer Schuch of Cirkla Modo;

Partners introduction: Circular Consultancy Grüner Herring and HAW/Green Cycles;

Presentation “Used Textiles as Raw Materials: Practice and Perspectives” by Michael Emmenegger – Head of Corporate Development at TEXAID;

Presentation “Putting Circular Economy into practice in the mainstream” by Sarah Herms – Manager Sustainability/Lead Circular Economy at TCHIBO;

Exchange on Circular Economy: collaborative group sessions to map circular initiatives, and connect offers/demands;

Finalisation with open discussion and session wrap-up;

Network time, with drinks & snacks.

So, if you are a circular economy professional or knowledgeable actor in the field in the city of Hamburg/German, you should join our event!!!

Registration and more information here

We look forward to welcoming you at this Circular Economy Club Mapping Event in Hamburg, and invite you to inform colleagues, businesses and like-minded associates of the event.







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