Workshop & Toolkit on Circular Design Strategies!

by Alice Beyer Schuch – December 2019.

As part of the 3rd edition of the Brasil Eco Fashion Week (BEFW), in November 2019, Cirkla Modo lead the workshop “Circular Design Strategies here and now!

The participants – from brands, educational institutions, to organizations – had the opportunity to present and discuss alternatives to their own professional challenges on taking the path towards a more circular future.

workshop quadro
Getting the broad concept of Circular Fashion explained…

Starting with a presentation of the broad concept, the group could then deep dive into a variety of DESIGN STRATEGIES which support the change towards circularity:

  • from emotional design on building trust and connexions,
  • going through durability, maintenance, and design for adaptability,
  • ending up on the design for recycle and for the natural cycle.


A CIRCULAR DESIGN Strategies TOOLKIT was also available (in Portuguese), exploring the action #1 of the Global Fashion Agenda 2020 Circular Fashion System Commitment: implementing design strategies for cyclability! Further information and success examples were provided, with dozens of applicable hashtags to support the design right now! Questions and exercises for the personal development of each project are also part of this material.

Interesting on our TOOLKIT, please let us know!

workshop grupo
Group of participants from all around Brazil!


Cirkla Modo is a circular fashion change agency providing support for businesses and educational institution on their next step towards a more responsible and circular fashion world. Get in contact to check how circularity can be applied to your projects!


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