Circular Fashion Summit

*by Alice Beyer Schuch – Paris, September 2019

The first Circular Fashion Summit, which happened in Paris during September 2019, was organized by Lablaco – a platform promoting the life extension of our garments through swaps, with an interesting collection points system to support the purchase of your next sustainable item. Cirkla Modo was invited by Lorenzo, co-founder of Lablaco, for the exchange during the event.

The summit was a full day program with interesting discussions about Design: Upcycling for Good, Technology: Blockchain & Traceability, and Sustainability: The Power of Recirculation. Representatives from Adidas, Fashion Revolution, Futerra, IBM, iD UK, ISKO, Kering Group and the author of the book Fashionopolis, Dana Thomas were part of the panels, among other attendees form industry and education.

Rather than talking about scaling up, we should be talking about spreading!

Panel 3 Sustainability: The Power of Recirculation

From that, one of the most interesting comment was brought by Orsola de Castro, cofounder of Fashion Revolution. Asked about how to scale up sustainable practices, she answered that rather than talking about scaling up, what is an old development measurement system, we should be talking about spreading. Spreading many of small impressive ideas and projects around the globe, respecting diversity and different cultures.

To Orsola, one example to keep products “alive” and circulating would be using the power of mending our garments (this avoid the need of new items, reduce pressure over resources, delays landfilling, and supports personalization and expression). But we cannot expect all population around the globe will be able to do that or have the time or interest. Rather than that, we should promote the skills and good work developed from those who know-how-to-do and seek for having, in each corner, a little cosy mending atelier available. Many local small businesses which would understand the needs of that area and bring solutions in small scale, but collectively with a huge positive impact.

Many local small businesses, but collectively with a huge positive impact!

Beside the discussions, a showcase of independent designers, at Impact Design Hub. From South Korea to Brazil, all approaching the circularity in fashion in different manners.

young n’ sang

During the day, a special meeting also took place between Cirkla Modo, Lilian Kaddissi from ABIT (Brazilian Textile Industry Association) and Renata Meirelles from Abest (Brazilian Association of Fashion Designers), starting a dialogue about the future of the Brazilian sustainable fashion market within a European perspective.

A fruitful day!

Including GOALS to be followed in the direction of a circular system.


Cirkla Modo is a circular fashion agency offering, among its services, training on circular design strategies. If you are a brand looking for putting in practice the concept of circular fashion, get in contact.

Cirkla Modo also promotes sustainable fashion from Brazil. Whether you are a brand or retail in Europe or a Brazilian actor, we have something special for you. Check Cirkla Modo`s BRAZILIAN HUB webpage.

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  1. Thank you so much for joining for the first edition of Circular Fashion Summit! 🙂
    The second edition is coming soon, keep you posted and looking forward to meeting you there soon!

    Circular Fashion Summit Team


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