Smart Creations from Brazil!!!

*by Alice Beyer Schuch, September 2019

During the 5th edition of the Smart Creation at Premiere Vision Paris, many exhibitors were selected to show their front-runner activities in the sustainable fashion field. Among them, three Brazilian names!

At stand 3S14, two Brazilian brands: NCC Natural Cotton Color and Eco Simple. Both brands showcased their different views in sustainability in fashion, but with a common point: cotton without any dyes! NCC has as amazing work on organic natural colored cotton. Eco Simple offers recycled cotton textiles.

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Natural Cotton Color is working with naturally colored organic cotton for around two decades. Source: NCC Catalog.

NCC is working around 2 decades with naturally colored organic cotton, with family farmers and artisans for their materials and garment collections. The whole supply chain is based in the north-east area of Brazil, within 120 km radio, a big family of almost 2000 people, from seed to clothes. As the cotton is born in beautiful shades of brown, no dying process is applied, reducing more than 87% of water usage.

NCC jeans
New launch! p#Patent pending NCC Denim. Source: author.

Eco Simple is a pioneer in Brazil for recycled cotton textiles, for home and fashion industries. The colorful material comes from the proper color selection of post-industrial cotton waste, sometimes mixed with silk, linen, tencel or even brown shades of NCC virgin organic cotton. As a transitory strategy to reduce prices as per push demands and increase the volume of cotton being recycled, the company also offers rCO/rPET textiles, but all being produced only on demand. No stocks, no overproduction!

ES 1
When recycled cotton meets organic naturally colored cotton.
ES 2
EcoSimple materials have the original colour of the textile scraps, meaning no water for dyeing processes are needed.

At stand 3S49, other Brazilian brand also selected for the Smart Creation area: Nova Kaeru. The company is famous for their community work and development with salmon and pirarucu leather, a huge fish from northern Brazil! But its last development is a leather substitute made of a leafbeLEAF™ is the union of sustainability and creativity!

NK beleaf
Nova Kaeru beLEAF(TM) material.

As a circular fashion change agent working in the EU but with roots in Brazil, it was great to see many aspects of sustainability being developed in my home country and highlighted abroad. And, as we know, the challenges are immense, the difficulties and bureaucracies are demotivating, but platforms like Smart Creation can, for sure, build up connections and foster positive changes!

Thumbs up! See you next time!


Alice is the founder of Cirkla Modo, a consultancy for a circular fashion future! Check more about projects and workshops or get in contact to know how we can collaborate!



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