Designing for Circularity Workshop

by Alice Beyer Schuch, April 2019.

During the last week of March 2019, Cirkla Modo was leading a workshop about “Designing for Circularity”, offered at AMD Akademie für Mode & Design in Hamburg. With students from different cities and study backgrounds – such as product design, fashion design and management, as well as room concept design – interesting different perspectives were present.

During the week, they had the possibility to deep dive into the concept of Circular Economy, the identify the relevance of the proper selection of materials, and to explore 10 different Design Strategies to apply towards circularity. They were instigated to combine different design approaches, also within new business model frameworks, tackling alternatives beyond a conventional and short value-chain structure which would end at the sales moment.

As final projects we had:

Circulight: a new adaptable lamp concept including an easy-to-repair light bulb design;

Green Coffee: a clean designed coffee machine and water boiler, with interchangeable and personalized parts, offered in leasing systems;

Happi Waste: an online platform and community to care, exchange and reuse our garments;

Multi Jacket: a modular, reversible, gender-less jacket developed for the bio-cycle. Transparency and recyclability are informed through a QR code in the garment.

Smart Table: a well-designed table, which can be easy assembled in many ways, accordingly to the provided space and needed function.

InkedFoto 2 pb_LI
And at the end of the week, the final official pic with almost you all!

I am glad to have had the chance of exchanging new ideas with such a pro-active group and be able to plant this little seed of a better future. An immense thanks also to Bridge & Tunnel, a fashion brand beautifully working on social and environmental issues, which was available to personally talk with the students and clarify their business-related questions.


Also interested in developing your design skills further to attend the circular concept? Please, get in contact.


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