Front runners: Brazil trains designers on Circular Fashion Strategies!

by Alice Beyer Schuch – Feb/2019

Lojas Renner, the largest Brazilian retailer and among the top 10 in Latina America, has started its journey towards circularity in the design phase.

The company just offered to its main designers a Circular Fashion Design Strategies training! The program was led by Alice Beyer Schuch from Cirkla Modo in collaboration with Beatriz Luz from Exchange 4 Change Brasil – a Brazilian consultancy with focus on Circular Economy.

The intense one-day workshop started with the presentation of the Circular Economy concept and the bases why it is a undeniable relevant path to follow, always considering a Brazilian perspective. Further on, it was time to dig deeper on 10 different design strategies for fashion, in a mix of theoretical and practical exercises.

At the end, each of the groups presented new alternatives and approaches towards circularity to their own sustainable fashion products. Strategies such as design for creating connections, for adaptability or for recycle were some of the ideas explored at the final pitch, testing boundaries and extending service-cycles!

Grupo 1
Designer’s group and mentors at Renner, Brazil.


Cirkla Modo congratulates this avant-garde initiative in the country and thanks the invitation to be part of this new moment!!! Looking forward to our next meeting!

Do you want to know more about Cirkla Modo’s activities? Please, get in contact here.


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