Brasil Eco Fashion Week 2018

by Alice Beyer Schuch – November 2018 / Cover pic: Natural Cotton Colors

The 2nd edition of the Brasil Eco Fashion Week (BEFW) took place in São Paulo, in November 2018 and invited all stakeholders to participate on social and environmental discussions around fashion and textile in more than 40 different activities during the event. Among them: speeches, workshops, round tables, trading meetings, as well as a showroom presenting around 50 Brazilian brands, an exhibition on new designers and sustainable projects, and runway shows.

“ [Now] the role of businesses [in Brazil] in driving change becomes increasingly important” (

Pic Mangue Clothing
Circular Design Strategies presented by Alice Beyer Schuch. Pic:@Mange_Clothing

I am glad to have joined the event, invited by TexBrasil – The Brazilian Textile and Fashion Industry Internationalization Program, participating in a vary of business discussions as a voice for the Brazilian Sustainable Fashion in the German/European Market. I am also happy of sharing my knowledge in a presentation on Circular Design Strategies and have had one of my circular design projects selected for the exhibition.

Pic Mostra
Sustainable Fashion and Design – Exhibition organized by Rio Moda

Congratulations to the organization team and all partners for the courage on taking this necessary step in our country, opening a door to those who understand the need of a better fashion system. Congratulation to all businesses and citizens who keep pushing the boundaries to overcome difficulties in behalf of a greater future.

I will keep working on presenting this great work beyond Brazilian frontiers, for the German/European market! If you would like to get a closer look on brands, products or suppliers, give me a line!

“The country’s extraordinary natural riches […] can provide a rallying point for collective action, just as they inspire the creativity of Brazil’s fashion industry” (


Further information:

International articles by “Common Objective” on the Brazilian Market and Brands

Portuguese article by “Exame Magazine” on international buyers’ impressions during BEFW.




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