Circular Futures – Lead the Change!

by Alice Beyer Schuch – Jul/2018


CircularFutures is a transformative leadership experience that equips pioneers and innovators to lead the transition to a circular economy!

Ashoka, eBay Foundation, C Creators, Circle Economy, Waste2Wear, De Hoge Dennen and Philips believe in a future that is less wasteful and more repairable, recyclable and reusable. Together, they are building a powerful network of collaborators who are passionate about the idea of a circular economy and can lead the change.


CIRKLA MODO  was one of #CircularFutures Network Partners – an independent consultancy founded by Alice Beyer Schuch, who foster the shift towards the Circularity in Fashion and aims to contribute to a no-waste, responsible, and prosperous fashion world. Some of CIRKLA MODO’s services are:

  • to explore, develop and implement tailored circular corporate strategies, design ideas, business models and communication support;
  • to research and evaluate new materials, techniques, technologies, processes and partners in the value-chain;
  • to develop workshops, lectures and/or articles about the alternatives and challenges on the circularity of fashion.

Curious to know more about #CircularFashion or how to implement it to your project? You can visit Cirkla Modo’s webpage.  Visit for further information on the CircularFutures program…


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