Book “More Sustainability to Fashion Brands”

by Alice Beyer Schuch – January 2018

For the Brazilian white paper “+ Sustentabilidade às Marcas de Moda: Reflexões e Indicadores” (in portuguese) Alice was invited to write about the Circular Fashion Concept (chapter #4). The material is free for download here (in portuguese)!

The project was conceptualized and coordinated by Isabela Marotto and developed with the collaboration of 15 professionals, each of them writing on different aspects of sustainability, such as:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Sustainable fibres and textiles
  • Natural dyings
  • Upcycle concepts
  • Consumption



Cover page design: Marcia Albuquerque / Graphic edition: Substância 4 Design Integrado

Co-authors: Alice Beyer Schuch, Clarissa Muniz, Clarissa Quelhas, Débora Nardello,  Fabíola Trinca, Fernanda Nicolini, João Victor Daim, Juan Medeiros Barbosa, Juarez Tonietto, Karin Dreyer, Katia Kayser, Leandro Pagnoncelli, Marco Aurélio Louzada, Mana Malta, Ursula Quaresma.

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