Circular Fashion Mentorship

by Alice Beyer Schuch – Jul/2017

During June 2017, the Circular Economy Club (CEC) –  the international network of over 2,600 circular economy professionals and organizations – ran a contest to provide complimentary mentorship – with the #CircularFashion Change Agent Alice Beyer Schuch, founder of Cirkla Modo – to independent fashion designers and small fashion brands trying to get their head around how to apply circularity.

Among many international participants, two were the finalists: [paper.] from Berlin (Germany) and Miriam García Tornedo, from Barcelona (Spain).


Miriam’s inspirational board


Miriam has been selected, receiving direct support on her initial ideas on how to build a sustainable, timeless and multifunctional fashion collection. With the cyclability in mind, Miriam wanted to start with the right range of materials and offer products which would be used for a long period of time, finalizing with a recovery scheme – working in partnership with the recycling sector. Her project, Avenir, was presented to Mango as part of her final thesis on Master of Management in the Fashion Industry at ESDi – Escuela Superior di Disseny.

It has been a very enriching session for the business plan of my master thesis. Alice, as a sustainable fashion specialist, helped me to broad my knowledge in alternatives to improve my proposal and she highlighted the strengths of my project. It has been interesting to extract conclusions and predictions of the fashion industry together with her. ” [Miriam]

Thanks Miriam for the interest and congratulations on your work!

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