Talking at Entrepreneurship School

The Think Young Entrepreneurship School, created in 2011, was built to support the development of the young generation on their new ideas and entrepreneurship skills with a dynamic and innovative “no-teachers” program. The activities, initially thought to take place around Europe, got spread around the globe – to China, Kenya, Georgia, Switzerland as few examples. Its 30th edition – in which I was invited to talk/share my experience as a #CircularFashion Change Agent – just happened in Brussels, Belgium, between 10th – 14th July 2017, and had the circular economy as focus.


In one week, around 100 students from many different countries met in Brussels to talk directly with entrepreneurs and business representatives – asking about start-up ideas, marketing, networking and communication, resources, failure and success – including a visit to the Coca-Cola Visitors Center and a debate at the European Parliament. At the end, they had the opportunity of present their final ideas at Google’s office in Brussels for a selected jury – Mr. Gerosa, founder of Think Young, Mr. Socuvka from Google, the founder of Digital Leadership Institute Ms. C. Miller van Dyck, and me, as founder of Cirkla Modo – offering feedback and tips on starting their own businesses.


I would like to congratulate all the participants, who inspired me a lot with their backgrounds, perspectives and ideas! I hope to meet some of you again – maybe in The Gambia, or Colombia? And congratulations to the Think Young team, for the initiative, organisation and energy – reaching in 6 years almost 2000 participants around the world!  You can definitely count on me for the next editions…

The video of the event can be seen here

More information about Cirkla Modo activities, Think Young & the next Entrepreneurship School City.

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