Online Course “Circular Economy & New Fashion Businesses”

By Alice Beyer Schuch, 23/03/2017.

Almost one year ago I got the mission of developing an online course for the Spanish platform Slow Fashion Next, led by the admirable and pro-active @Gema Gómez. And we built it!

Today I am very grateful to finish our first study group, with students participating from Spain, but also from Peru, USA and Switzerland!

The course presents new perspectives and innovations for fashion business projects and ideas, connected to the circular economy concept – opening the range of circular possibilities that explore the necessary changes towards a more responsible, beneficial and effective fashion.

A general analysis of the reasons why it is necessary to change the route from our current system is the starting point. The concept of circular economy and its innumerable applications in fashion is presented and illustrated with current examples of companies already acting towards circularity. Of course, we alert to possible obstacles which can happen when applying these new concepts as well… At its conclusion, the students have received fundamental theoretical knowledge and practical tools that will help them in the decision making of drawing up their own guide lines, from identifying the problem to defining the best alternative for their circular fashion business ideas.

Keep up with Slow Fashion Next to get informed about the next round of this (or another) course! The material is available in Spanish, but other languages are being already planned to increase spectrum and spread knowledge. 😉


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