It’s necessary to exchange for change!

by Alice Beyer Schuch – Dec/2016

Open Source Circular Economy days #OSCEdays is a global community of specialists which discuss the global challenges and develop strategies in circular economy through open innovation model and collaboration. At its launch, in 2015, more than 33 cities in over 20 countries worked simultaneously on the issue. At that time, I was invited to share my research related to the chemical recyclability of cotton & cellulose, during the “Circular Textile Challenge” in Berlin, as circular alternative to the textile discard!

One year later, in 2016, #OSCEdays got the participation of more than 70 cities in 35 countries! Now, as co-organizer of the “Circular Textile Challenge” in Berlin, together with relevant names as Ina Budde and Mayya Saliba, we developed 2 days activities and internacional debates between specialists, politics, students, and the community… The challenge had a more-than-special support from innovators and forward thinkers such as @Elin Larsson – Sustainability director at Filippa K from Sweden; @Martijn van Strien – founder of Post-Couture Collective, @Gwen Cunningham – lead Circle Textiles Program at Circle Economy, and @Susanne van Berkum – polyester recycle specialist at Ioniqa from The Netherlands, @Gema Gómez -founder of Slow Fashion Next from Spain, and Dr. @Kirsi Niinimaki from Trash-2-Cash Programm in Finland et alii.



Beyond #OSCEdays Berlin, I also had the opportunity of a talk with #OSCEdays Rio de Janeiro, sharing more about #CircularFashion and its varies perspectives. The event was the first one-of-a-kind in the country, idealized by @Beatriz Luz, founder of Exchange4Change Brasil – The 1st global knowledge transfer network dedicated to Brazil, which aims to adapt global concepts to the Brazilian reality. The event was supported by  SISTEMA SENAI/FIRJAN and ABEDESIGN and allowed the connection between 5 countries (The Netherlands, UK, Colombia, South Africa and Germany – with my participation). The set collaboration contributed to place Rio de Janeiro and Brazil in this global discussion community. This opportunity offered a rich exchange of experiences and leanings, leading Industry Federation of Rio de Janeiro FIRJAN to invite me to continue the debate about #CircularFashion during the event Giro Moda, which happened last October – amplifying horizons, reducing distances…

Giro Moda Segunda Temporada.Foto ©Vinícius Magalhães_-9345.JPG

*Alice at “Giro Moda” Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Pics ©Vinícius Magalhães

I thank the opportunity, in behalf of Cirkla Modo, of bringing a bit more to my home country, showing a new view over #Fashion through the #CircularEconomy bias! I would like to congratulate all those who are dedicated to put the topic onto light!

These collaborative actions are the ones that drive and foster further discussions on circular economy, showing the relevance and dynamics of this subject. I hope to continue being part of this necessary movement !


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