Further – textile rebirth catalyst

Further – textile rebirth catalyst is the M.A. project in Sustainability in Fashion realized during the years 2014/2015 at Esmod Berlin by Alice Beyer Schuch, with guidance from Mr Rolf Heimann – director of Hessnatur Foundation.

The project approaches a new possibility: the chemical recycle of old cotton textiles (or even other cellulosic materials as paper…) into high quality regenerated fibres*.

It also applies the design for Circularity, beside other design strategies. Here, garments are 100% recyclable, including textiles and closures, and the natural colour from the process is maintained, reducing production processes as dyes and bleaches, also reducing water, energy and chemical needs.

The garments are planned to feed the process of chemical recycle constantly.

Further by Giuseppe Triscari (2).jpg * with the support of Aalto University – Finland. ** Photo by Giuseppe Triscari.

The capsule collection developed was presented in different events as circular fashion alternative for the current structure, at:

Salon Show.png

**From Salon Show Berlin, 2016

Further – textile rebirth catalyst has also been shown in many sustainable fashion platforms – from relevant Brazilian pages as Stylo Urbano and Razões para Acreditar, through Spain and Germany at Slow Fashion Next La RazónTextile Network Magazine and The Purpose of It, to Japan at Fragments Mag.


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