A Zero-Waste Project

by Alice Beyer Schuch – Sep/2016

In December 2014 I had the opportunity of participating in a ZW project for the German brand Hessnatur, with the support of the experts David Telfer and Simone Austen. It was the first time I’ve experienced the technique and must tell you: it was NOT that easy!!! There are different approaches to it – you may want to start organic as moulage, or geometrical such as a kimono construction. But no matter how, the aim is to reach zero waste, creating a wearable piece. Timo Rissanen and Holly McQuillan may have a kind of special visuospatial skills to reach such complexity.

So I’ve tried and here are the results I would like to share!

fw-zw-2015-creditos-small(by Thomas Lohnes/Getty Images for Green Showroom)
© messe frankfurt

The outfit was presented at Green Showroom Show – Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin in July 2015, was projected as an alternative for the problematic of the industry, during the Exhibition “Fast Fashion – the dark side of fashion” in Dresden 2016, and showcased during the Brasil Eco Fashion Week at the Sustainable Fashion and Design Exhibition in 2018.

dresdren-exhibitionAlice Beyer Schuch at Dresde Exhibition “Fast Fashion – the dark side of fashion”

And even though the jacket still has a certain amount of discard (see patterns below), it was interesting to see that, if I wouldn’t have challenged the established ways of production (and the ways my brain works), I would produce the same jacket using 12% more textile!

Screenshot (94).png

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