Why Sustainable Fashion?

by Alice Beyer Schuch – Jan/2016

Sometimes I just stop and ask myself: why sustainable fashion? And the answer comes clear as all rivers should be – those rivers that I’ve seen on travels around the world, hunting for the cheapest factories, to supply a vicious system with disposable products that do not cost more than few bucks – but cost lives and the environment.

“We have had the all-you-can-wear buffet, now is the time to decide what reflects the self” @David Rostron.

My decision was not based on what is right or wrong. It was not because someone told me this or that…Or because the numbers predict a good future on the topic. It was about feelings, about conscious, about believes… It was after I’ve seen enough and went back home compulsively crying, wishing never have lived that experience but thankful of having the opportunity of living it.


Interview with Alice Beyer Schuch for ESMOD University.

‘Cause I have seen dirty rivers, garbage on the street and children playing on it, or sleeping on the floor of a hot industry laid on pieces of cardboard. I have smelled chemicals, trash, deterioration, superficial richness. I have seen animals being killed over a melting asphalt to be sold in pieces surrounded by numerous flies. I could feel how embarrassing was to me to be part of a system where people had no other option than undergo a critical path to survive. Were they actually surviving or killing themselves slowly? Not sure.

The fact is that I could keep going like that, I could maybe find a more glamorous job, or I could simply face it and try to change. So it was what I have done and still do every day. Change step-by-step what is on my hand, what I can reach even if in a small scale – a talk with a friend, a post, a text, a presentation, a cloth refurbished, exchanged, better chosen… And I would work with the same parameters again, but now applying the knowledge I have gained in the last years to try to push a broader change, beyond my private sphere.

Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work” Thomas Edison.

Recently, talking about the Sustainable Development Goals for 2030, for the Youth Fashion Summit 2016 in Copenhagen, I have realized how much is still there to be done! And instead of discourage me, it seems to have given me even more energy to keep walking. I have seen myself asking: What can I improve on my daily life on each of this topics to support it? What can I change on my community? My work?

And you? What can you do?

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