Cirkla Modo’s Library – Publications

This Cirkla Modo’s Library section shows cross-sector reports and documents published on the topic of circular fashion and sustainability, which could support on the understanding of this broad new perspective.


Reports at CORONA times: Weaving a Better Future: Rebuilding a More Sustainable Fashion Industry After COVID-19, by BCG, SAC and Higg Co.;  Time for Change: How to use the crisis to make fashion sourcing more agile and sustainable, by McKinsey; and Sustainability 2020: How COVID-19 will shape fashion’s sustainability processes and progress, by Sourcing Journal.

Fashion Transparency Index 2020, by Fashion Revolution, including some findings related to circularity.

Jobs & Skills in the Circular Economy, State of Play and Future Pathways, by Circle Economy.

Global Fashion Agenda’s 2020 CEO Agenda, mentioning Circular Fashion Systems as part of the actions to be taken!

The Circularity Gap Report 2020, by Circle Economy, showing that the currently global economy is only 8.6% circular.

The State of Fashion 2020, by BoF and McKinsey.


Earth Logic: Fashion Action Research Plan, written by Kate Fletcher and Mathilda Tham, a programme of action for the fashion sector which puts earth, and all her inhabitants, first.

The outlook report 2011-2019, from the Mistra Future Fashion program, and the report Driving Circular Fashion and Textiles, from ECAP, both touching circularity.

Fashion for Good’s report on Investing in Textile Innovation.

The status quo of the educational system around the globe in regards to fashion design and sustainability at The Benchmarking Report, fashion Seeds

The Jeans Redesign: Guidelines, by Ellen MacArthur Foundation, presenting a study of the jeans industry and its necessary circular changes.

Fashion’s new must have: sustainable sourcing at scale. Report from McKinsey & Co.

Moda Circular no Brasil, a short overview on the Brazilian Circular Fashion scene.

The Future of Circular Fashion, assessing the viability of circular business models, launched by Fashion for Good and Accentury Strategy.

2019 updated Pulse of Fashion and CEO Agenda by Global Fashion Agenda.

Nike Circular Design Guide.

One more report on policy framework, by Circular Fashion Advocacy.

UK report, by House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee, Fixing fashion: clothing consumption and sustainability.

Mapping the Global Fashion Industry, CO’s research report.

Council of Fashion Designers of America, The CFDA Guide to Sustainable Strategies.

The Circularity Gap Report 2019, by Circle Economy.


C&A Fundation studies on the Circular Economy for fashion: The Transition to Good Fashion, by Drift, and Governance for the Circular Economy, by Origame.

The State of Fashion 2019, predictions for the market by BoF and McKinsey.

Film by Fashion 4 Change: Catwalk to Creation.

Textile Exchange 2018’s Preferred Fiber & Materials Market report.

Greenpeace Detox Campaign Destination Zero – Seven Years of Detoxing the Clothing Industry .

Smart Creation‘s Première Vision selection of products, services, eco-designed materials, new generation fibres, technological solutions, fabrics, accessories, leathers and more.

Threading the Needle by Textile Exchange and KPMG LLP showing how to integrate the SDGs into business core and supply chains in the textile, retail and apparel industry.

Used Textile Collection in European Cities by ECAP on how to increase used clothing collection, re-use and recycling in cities.

Resale Report 2018 developed by ThredUp on the future of second-hand fashion.

The Pulse of the Fashion Industry report is available online, by Global Fashion Agenda & The Boston Consulting Group

Emerging Material Innovators Report by Fashion Positive and H&M Foundation

CEO Agenda 2018 – seven sustainability priorities for fashion industry leaders, by Global Fashion Agenda

Measuring Fashion: Insights from the Environmental Impact of the Global Apparel and Footwear Industries study – by the Climate Works Foundation / Quantis

Dirty Fashion & Dirty Fashion revisited spotlight on the polluting viscose process – by Change Markets Foundation

Developments in global markets for used textiles and implications for reuse and recycling by Mistra Future Fashion


Changing fashion: The clothing and textile industry at the brink of radical transformation, by WWF.

Mapping clothing impacts in Europe: the environmental cost, by WRAP on ECAP – European Clothing Action Plan

The Circularity Gap Report – with a self explained name, by Circle Economy

The Second Hand Effect on the reduction on emissions footprint through second-hand purchases – developed by IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute for Schibsted.

The next stop for the apparel sourcing caravan – by Mckinsey on our possible next-manufacturer countries to the fashion and what role digitalization plays.

The State of Fashion 2018 – a comprehensive view of the fashion industry from Business of Fashion and McKinsey & Company.

Circular Transitions Proceedings – a compilation of papers from the Mistra Future Fashion Conference on Textile Design and the Circular Economy.

A new textiles economy: redesigning fashion’s future – a Circular Fibres Initiative from Ellen McArthur Foundation.

Model of circular business ecosystem for textiles – from VTT.

Textile Exchange reports on Preferred Fibres & Materials Market and Organic Cotton Market – free for download.

Fashion at the Crossroads – from Greenpeace, on the review of initiatives to slow and close the loop in the fashion industry. Other related documents from Greenpeace are also: Timeout for Fast Fashion –  from dirty production, to trends, to trash; and  After the Binge, the hangover – about our consumption and insights into the minds of clothing consumers.

Valuing our Cloths: the cost of UK fashion – a WRAP report looking at the environmental impact of the whole journey of clothing.

Dirty Fashion – from Changing Markets Foundation on the viscose process.

The Sustainable Clothing Guide – helping brands and retailers to enhance the durability and quality of the clothing they produce – from WRAP

Microplastics shedding from polyester fabrics – from Mistra Future Fashion, evaluating  whether the shedding of microplastics from different types of polyester fabric is dependent on construction parameters.

Corporate Sustainability at a Crossroads – from MIT Sloan Management Review and the Boston Consulting Group, presenting eight key factors that determine a company’s sustainability success.

Cotton 2040: the case for action, the scenarios, and workstreams proposals – by Forum for the Future, with the support of the C&A Foundation.

Pulse of Fashion Industry  – Global Fashion Agenda & The Boston Consulting Group.

Fashion focus: the fundamental right to a living wage – first report on wages in the global fashion industry. The Circle NGO.

C2C Certified How-To Guide handbook – a guide developed in collaboration between Cradle 2 Cradle and Fashion for Good.

Trend report: Future of sustainable fashion – H&M Foundation & Accenture

The Circular Fashion Framework 1.0 – soon to be released.

Circular Economy Publications – from Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

The State of Fashion 2017 – BoF and McKinsey & Company’s in-depth report on the global fashion industry.

The Higg Index & Higg Index Product Tools – Sustainable Apparel Coalition.


Towards a 4th Industrial Revolution of Textiles and Clothing – a Strategic Innovation and Research Agenda for the European Textile and Clothing Industry, from ETP Fibre Textiles Clothing.

Natural Capital Protocol – Natural Capital Coalition

Critical Aspects in Design for Fiber-to-Fiber recycling of Textiles – Mistra Future Fashion report.

Closing The Loop: 3 case studies highlighting the potencial impact of High-Value Textile-to-Textile recycling – Circle Economy.

10 Step Guide to Creating a Financeable Circular Business – Case Study from Circle Economy.

Textiles Market Situation Report -in-depth information on the latest economic, market and regulatory trends affecting the capture and recycling of key recovered materials, WRAP.

Transition to Transformation in Fashion Education for Sustainability – Dilys Williams, Centre for Sustainable Fashion.

2015 and prior…

From Mistra Future Fashion – Future Fashion Manifesto(2015), Green Textiles Guide (2015),  and other publications.

Colour of Fashion Handbook – an introduction to natural dyeing for students and educators, Centre for Sustainable Fashion, 2015.

Towards the Circular Economy: Accelerating the scale-up across global supply chains – World Economic Forum prepared in collaboration with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and McKinsey & Company, 2014.

Design for Longevity: Guidance on increasing the active life of clothing– WRAP, 2013.

Evaluating the financial viability and resource implications for new business models in the clothing sector – WRAP, 2013.

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