Cirkla Modo’s Library – Publications

This Cirkla Modo’s Library section shows cross-sectoral relatories published on the topic of circular fashion and sustainability, which could support on the understanding of this broad new perspective.


Emerging Material Innovators Report – from Fashion Positive and H&M Foundation

CEO Agenda 2018 – seven sustainability priorities for fashion industry leaders, by Global Fashion Agenda

Measuring Fashion: Insights from the Environmental Impact of the Global Apparel and Footwear Industries study – by the Climate Works Foundation / Quantis


Mapping clothing impacts in Europe: the environmental cost, by WRAP on ECAP – European Clothing Action Plan

The Circularity Gap Report – with a self explained name, by Circle Economy

The next stop for the apparel sourcing caravan – by Mckinsey on our possible next-manufacturer countries to the fashion and what role digitalization plays.

The State of Fashion 2018 – a comprehensive view of the fashion industry from Business of Fashion and McKinsey & Company.

Circular Transitions Proceedings – a compilation of papers from the Mistra Future Fashion Conference on Textile Design and the Circular Economy.

A new textiles economy: redesigning fashion’s future – a Circular Fibres Initiative from Ellen McArthur Foundation.

Model of circular business ecosystem for textiles – from VTT.

Textile Exchange reports on Preferred Fibres & Materials Market and Organic Cotton Market – free for download.

Fashion at the Crossroads – from Greenpeace, on the review of initiatives to slow and close the loop in the fashion industry. Other related documents from Greenpeace are also: Timeout for Fast Fashion –  from dirty production, to trends, to trash; and  After the Binge, the hangover – about our consumption and insights into the minds of clothing consumers.

Valuing our Cloths: the cost of UK fashion – a WRAP report looking at the environmental impact of the whole journey of clothing.

Dirty Fashion – from Changing Markets Foundation on the viscose process.

The Sustainable Clothing Guide – helping brands and retailers to enhance the durability and quality of the clothing they produce – from WRAP

Microplastics shedding from polyester fabrics – from Mistra Future Fashion, evaluating  whether the shedding of microplastics from different types of polyester fabric is dependent on construction parameters.

Corporate Sustainability at a Crossroads – from MIT Sloan Management Review and the Boston Consulting Group, presenting eight key factors that determine a company’s sustainability success.

Cotton 2040: the case for action, the scenarios, and workstreams proposals – by Forum for the Future, with the support of the C&A Foundation.

Pulse of Fashion Industry  – Global Fashion Agenda & The Boston Consulting Group.

Fashion focus: the fundamental right to a living wage – first report on wages in the global fashion industry. The Circle NGO.

C2C Certified How-To Guide handbook – a guide developed in collaboration between Cradle 2 Cradle and Fashion for Good.

Trend report: Future of sustainable fashion – H&M Foundation & Accenture

The Circular Fashion Framework 1.0 – soon to be released.

Circular Economy Publications – from Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

The State of Fashion 2017 – BoF and McKinsey & Company’s in-depth report on the global fashion industry.

The Higg Index & Higg Index Product Tools – Sustainable Apparel Coalition.


Towards a 4th Industrial Revolution of Textiles and Clothing – a Strategic Innovation and Research Agenda for the European Textile and Clothing Industry, from ETP Fibre Textiles Clothing.

Natural Capital Protocol – Natural Capital Coalition

Critical Aspects in Design for Fiber-to-Fiber recycling of Textiles – Mistra Future Fashion report.

Closing The Loop: 3 case studies highlighting the potencial impact of High-Value Textile-to-Textile recycling – Circle Economy.

10 Step Guide to Creating a Financeable Circular Business – Case Study from Circle Economy.

Textiles Market Situation Report -in-depth information on the latest economic, market and regulatory trends affecting the capture and recycling of key recovered materials, WRAP.

Transition to Transformation in Fashion Education for Sustainability – Dilys Williams, Centre for Sustainable Fashion.

2015 and prior…

From Mistra Future Fashion – Future Fashion Manifesto(2015), Green Textiles Guide (2015),  and other publications.

Colour of Fashion Handbook – an introduction to natural dyeing for students and educators, Centre for Sustainable Fashion, 2015

Design for Longevity: Guidance on increasing the active life of clothing– WRAP, 2013.

Evaluating the financial viability and resource implications for new business models in the clothing sector – WRAP, 2013.


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